Aly and Nicole Thobani founded Spa & Massage in 2007 after travelling around Thailand and experiencing the diversity of the Thai approach to massage: instead of an expensive luxury, Massage Therapy was regarded as a key holistic integration in a balanced lifestyle, as much as diet and exercise.

The First Clinic was opened in Bayswater W2. Spa & Massage Clinics grew to more locations as Massage therapy became increasingly popular as a Natural treatment to help with medical issues such as Stress, Pain, Rehabilitation, sports injury and recovery. Over the years Londoners have become much more conscious regarding their health & wellbeing with healthy eating, exercise and wanting to reject or reduce the need for prescription medication. Massage therapy has been at the forefront of popularity as part of a healthy regime and alternative medicine strategy.

Spa & Massage attracts the very best massage therapists from around the world. We only have the most experienced massage therapists at our Clinics. We have enhanced the quality of massage delivery by having all our clinics managed by a Physiotherapist, who also monitor and supervise all our Massage Therapists. Our Medical Professionals will always ensure the highest standards of Massage therapy but also be able to address any medical concerns or provide advice before a massage therapy session.

We also believe in maximum results and we believe that there is a time when one can have a massage at home or at the office. But for maximum results, for any kind of healing, we need the correct environment. Our massage clinics provide this perfect healing environment which the home or office just cannot achieve.

Receiving a massage at one of our Clinics is receiving one of the highest quality massages you can experience in London. Our Massage Therapy treatments are able to help with stress relief, pain relief, rehabilitation, sports injury, maintaining your peak performance and enhancing mental and physical wellbeing.

Our Goal is for Massage therapy to be incorporated into people’s lives on a regular basis, as it is our passion to promote a healthy living & lifestyle.